👉Pamper your skin👈

      A big hello to all ?? wats uppp ??  so i am TANYA welcomes you to my BLOG page (Thankyou) for giving your precious time to read my BLOG.      without any further a do let’s get into the BLOG 💞 guys today’s blog is different from my previous blogs it’s […]

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💞college looks💞

hello people how are you all i think all are doing great.i am back with my new blog which is all about college looks as you guys know that college life begins and with college life we will get soo much confused specially about wearing clothes so i am gonna share my college looks with […]

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STREET STYLE (part 1) ❤

🔛 hey friends how are you all ? i think all are doing great in life.Today i am here for an interesting BLOG i am sure you guys loved it.       in today’s BLOG i am gonna talk about very popular style which is STREET STYLE i think you guys can heard this style everywhre […]

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⭐Carry your Style⭐

🔛 hello all, how you guys doing ?? i am back with an another xciting BLOG today’s blog is all l about your own style. i gonna share my two (2) styles with you all that how i carry my style.      it’s always been amazing that how uh dress up in your own […]

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🔛 Hello people i hope all are doing great i am back with a new blog and i am always excited to share my things with you all. as you can see in my title which is “western fusion” basically fusion means mix and how you make your style diffrent so i make two looks […]


“Trend came back” 👗

🔛 hello! all how you guys doing ? i am back with my another blog and i am super xcited to share with you all.😁      “Guys are you ready to SLAY in these summers”  “trend came back” guesss what i am talking about. 👗😍 sooo i am talking about the trend what our […]

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Hello friends i hope all are doing great thank you so much for giving such love to my previous blogs.❤ i love you all ❤ I am back with new BLOG and i hope you guys loved it.  so as you can see the title that “BEAUTY OF INDIAN WEAR” yes you guessed it right […]



HELLO PEOPLE…..i hope all are fine….. m back wid something really interesting……  today’s blog is all about ur (passion) i m gonna share some basic facts with uh all….. whn v used to be a kid and tht time v just dooo things which v want to do right!! nobody told uh to do it […]